Here you can see some interesting screenshots (640 × 480 Pixel, 16 Colors or B&W).

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Screenshot1: Welcome screen. Go to top

Welcome, 12 KB

Screenshot2: This picture shows a red galaxy, 5000 times heavier than the yellow one. Go to top

5000times, 4 KB

Screenshot3: This picture shows two galaxies with the same mass, colliding nearly parallel. Go to top

samemass, 3 KB

Screenshot4: Two interacting galaxies, presented with rings and same masses. Go to top

bw, 3KB

Screenshot5: Two interacting galaxies, shown with particle tails. Go to top

tails, 21 KB

Screenshot6: Interaction like NGC 4038/4039, 3000 particles presents each galaxy. Go to top

ig/4038, 7 KB

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Last updated 2009-02-06